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Royal Tara China

In the year 432 AD, Patrick, a young Bishop of County Armagh, picked the tiny shamrock from a field and used it to illustrate the mystery of the Blessed Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in one Creator) to the ancient high kings of Ireland. It soon became the national emblem.

This inspired us to carry the Royal Tara China Trellis Shamrock series. In addition to lovely gift pieces, we also have their Christmas ornaments - Shamrock, Celtic Cross, Irish Cottage, St. Brigids Cross and Small Bell. Every time you look at these you'll be reminded of Ireland with its lush green fields and gorgeous scenery. Let us show you our fine collection of Royal Tara classics made in Ireland. Most orders shipped via U S Postal System Priority mail, with delivery confirmation. Generally, time is about 3 business days from date shipped. International orders filled for delivery within the United States Only!

Pubs of Ireland

Irish Coasters
Pubs form the social life of the Irish people. If you get the chance to go to Ireland, make sure you visit a pub or two. They're warm and cozy, and you'll meet the most interesting people. The Irish truly have the gift of gab, and will gladly share stories of local lore and history of the area with you. We offer a full line of Irish place mats and coasters, which depict pubs of Dublin, Country pubs, and Irish cottages. They make great conversational pieces that all your guests will enjoy.

The Aran Islands

Aran Knitwear - Sweater
Located off the coast of Connemara in Ireland are these three islands where fisherman's wives and crofter women have been knitting the traditional stitch which form the intricate patterns of Aran Knitwear for centuries.

Every pattern has a name and significance to families in the community, passed down from generation to generation and originally identified the village or island the weaver came from. Each garment is unique and individual, incorporating generations of loving skill and tradition. A sweater can take two weeks of painstaking work to complete, made of pure Irish wool still impregnated with its natural oils, making it water-repellent and cozy. To wear one of these sweaters or cardigans is to step back into the life of the Celt — share the history and warmth. We carry a complete array of sweaters, scarves, tams, and mittens.

A View from Schull

Schull, West Cork
Jim & Linda are frequent visitors to Schull, West Cork as his family was originally from this town and there still are many relatives of his that live in this quaint Irish fishing village.

The Village's web site: says it all — Schull is an area in West Cork which has breath taking views and is home to many waterborne activities as well as a busy fishing fleet and a modern fish processing plant.

This photo is a scene from the Schull Coast road looking out to Long Island, Cape Clear (where Gaelic is still spoken) and the Atlantic Ocean. Along this coastline prevailing southwesterly winds come across more than 2000 miles of open ocean resulting in marvelously clear, clean air.

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